A visual artistic vision can see the beauty of things that others cannot see

Hello, I am Kamal OGHLY, and I'm a Syrian photographer.

A professional photographer with over 35 years of experience, specialized in documentary photography. I have worked on a number of projects with different sponsors like The European Union, The United Nations…etc. For over 5 years, I was the director and coordinator for the Sindyan festival which is an international community festival that was held in Mallajah – Syria. In addition, I held several exhibitions, and the latest one was in France 2019 which was about Syrian ruins before and after the war.

New Projects

Documenting the needs of the marginalized areas

Working on this project took a full year, and it was commissioned by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Syria.

Eye in the eye

Photographers usually see society from their own perspective and document its different stories.

The Sindyan International Festival

The Sindyan International Civil Festival was established in 1996 by the initiative of the late Syrian poet Muhammad Imran. 

New Courses

10 Lectures


Why my courses?

Learning photography

These courses teach us to photography in the correct and advanced academic form


To raise our skills, know-how, develop our vision on life and look at things differently


To add to our expertise an Increasing required profession


To sharpen our artistic talent and increase our creative vision of the important topics