Eye in the eye

Eye in the Eye

Eye in the Eye project, presents an intertwined artistic vision, which includes the cognitive dimension and the aesthetic, artistic and cultural dimension at the same time.

Usually the photographer sees the topic in a visual language that differs from the usual linguistic narration, so he often formulates his topic in a symbolic way, through which he leaves to the recipient different interpretations but harmonious, linking light with color to the idea.

These interpretations are open to several ideas, which was one of the project’s objectives.

Our topic is related to seeing the societal development of the Syrians with its negatives and positives in Gaziantep since their arrival to Turkey and their integration into this society, as well as their interaction with the host society.

This topic has been formulated within an artistic framework that aims to show how art is used through a contemporary cultural vision to serve society. The fact that art and culture should not be separated from society, but rather that they have an effective role in changing and developing it, and this target was also to raise the team’s cognitive and technical skills and experiences without neglecting the role of passion and pleasure at the same time, so that they could employ these experiences in the future and add aesthetic and cultural dimensions to their future projects.  

Kemal Oghly

Project Director and Instructor of Photography