Protect the human heritage

By choosing this title for my exhibition I wanted to send a message to the world to show the huge number of violations against archaeological sites in Syria during the last years of the war and the size of the massive destruction. We wanted to make it a wakeup call to the international community in order to do their duty to stop this massacre against this human heritage which concerns the entire world not only Syria. 

It is about time that the international community take action and put an end to those who are destroying this legacy and stealing it led by the Syrian regime who has the upper hand in this destruction followed by ISIS which is the regime’s product and his other face, In addition to the armed militias that control areas in Syria outside the authority of the regime.

The exhibition was produced in a professional manner suitable for diverse categories such as specialists in archeology, intellectuals, artists, civil society organizations, and those interested in the visual language. It is was not produced to be limited to a specific category so that it can achieve the desired target both artistically and humanely.

The importance of this artwork comes from the importance of these archaeological sites because of its exceptional national and international historical value. 

More importantly, it is an essential part of the Syrian national identity that has been going under changing and obliterating by many sides.